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Fire Horse Exotics Carpet Python Breeding Plans for 2020

Fire Horse Exotics Carpet Python Breeding Plans for 2020

With the Carpet Python breeding season vastly approaching it seems appropriate to share some of the pairings Fire Horse Exotics has planned for the 2020 breeding season. 

Back in 2005, we purchased our first carpet pythons, a stunning pair of Jungle Jags,  extremely vibrant yellow canary color. Learning that it was not wise to breed these two together, we added some jungle stock to the mix. This match resulted in our own bright yellow carpet pythons, and a few black and yellow ones as well. Even though we have mainly concentrated over the years on Boas for the most part, Fire Horse Exotics is branching out in the reptile world with a diverse and ever growing Carpet python collection, that we hope you will be just as excited about as we are.  So without further a due, we decided it might be nice to share with you some of the pairings we have in store for the 2020 breeding season .

Albino Carpet

We will be breeding this girl to our Axanthic poss het Snow (albino) to see if he proves out.  At the very least we will have the possibility of having DH snow Carpet babies. 

Next on the agenda, still on the Snow Carpet theme, we will be pairing our Albino het Axanthic Carpet Python to an Axanthic Jag female, as well as an Axanthic female. If mother nature works with us, we'll have striking b&w Axanthic Jag and Axanthic Het Snow babies.

Axanthic Jag 

Albino carpets will be playing a big part in our 2020 breeding season . 

We have 2 Albino females as well as 4 Het Albino females, 1 Jag het albino and 1 Zebra het Albino that we will be pairing this season with our Albino males 

Jungle Carpets are one of Fire Horse Exotics favourite carpets, so needless to say we are quite thrilled to have 5 pairings of these gems. Top of the list are the vibrant yellow Jungles that we will be breeding for the first time this season. Fingers crossed!

Let's not forget the Ghost and het Ghost carpets, they've also been added to the 2020 breeding season. They contain the caramel and Axanthic genes.

Something else to look forward to this coming breeding season which will be a first for us, is a pairing of Bredli Carpets .  What make these carpets stand out is there red rust brick color.  Fire Horse Exotics is looking forward to expanding their Bredhli collection in the future